February 06, 2015 10 Tips for Adding Flax to your Diet!

Source: HealthyFlax.org   |  Category: Recipes & Cooking

Flax is a healthy little seed that can easily be incorporated into your busy lives. One to two tablespoons (16g) daily can be added to diets in a variety of ways. Keep reading for some helpful hints for adding a flax to your healthy diet. 
1.    Replace fat: Keep good fats in your recipes by substituting 3 Tbsp (45 mL) of ground flaxseed for 1 Tbsp (15 mL) of margarine, butter, or cooking oil. 
2.    Keep it handy: In your refrigerator, keep a handy stash of ground flax accessible in an opaque, airtight container for up to 45 days. Whole flaxseeds can be stored for up to a year! Just use a coffee or spice grinder when you need it in its milled form, which is when it offers its biggest health boost. 
3.    Simple on cereal: Sprinkle 1 to 2 Tbsp (15 -30 mL) of milled or whole flaxseed onto your morning cereal or over salads for a nutty taste. 
4.    Dress-up: Shake or stir your daily dose of flax into your salad dressing. 
5.    Shake things up: Mix milled flax into yogurt or smoothie shakes for an extra energy boost. 
6.    Top that: Top your fruit and cottage cheese with flax for a crunchy flax punch. 
7.    A final touch: Stir it into thicker soups such as lentil or bean varieties or into pasta sauces just before serving. 
8.    In the mix: You can always mix whole or milled seeds into your favorite bread dough. Also think about mixing it into burgers, meatloaf, and fish or vegetable patties as a tasty change. 
9.    Flaximum benefits: Add whole flaxseeds to cookie dough and muffin mix or sprinkle some on your favorite bread for artisan appeal. 
10.    Getting started: When using ground flax, because of its high fiber content, add it slowly starting with about a tablespoon a day and work up to two or more per day.