February 20, 2015 Canadian Flax Industry launches new Marketing program

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Canadian Flax Industry Launches New Marketing Program to Promote Health Benefits of Flaxseed

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (February 19, 2015) — The Flax Council of Canada, Saskatchewan Flax Development Commission and Manitoba Flax Growers Association are pleased to announce the launch of a new marketing program for flaxseed called HealthyFlax.org. 

 “We want to create awareness about the health claim approved by Health Canada linking ground whole flaxseed to cholesterol lowering, a major risk factor for heart disease. The HealthyFlax effort is meant to provide consumers, dieticians and processors with information about flaxseed,” says Wayne Thompson, Executive Director of the Saskatchewan Flax Development Commission.

The launch of the program includes a new website – HealthyFlax.org, as well as social media sites. The website and social media sites feature recipes, nutrition information and downloadable, nutrition fact sheets - which highlight the recent research done on the nutritional benefits of flaxseed.  "There has been many hours and it has been an extremely cooperative effort developing this site, which, will be a key source of information for industry stakeholders and consumers alike for years to come,” says Don Kerr, President, Flax Council of Canada.  

“Flaxseed is an incredibly nutritious crop, especially with its omega-3 fatty acids, fibre and lignan content. Our downloadable factsheets outline the latest research connecting flaxseed to not only lowering cholesterol but reduction of certain cancers, help to manage diabetes and more,” says Kelley Fitzpatrick, Project Manager, HealthyFlax.org. 

Website: www.healthyflax.org 
Facebook: www.facebook.com/healthyflax 
Twitter: twitter.com/HealthyFlax 
Google Plus: plus.google.com/117726234524333282924/posts
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/healthyflax-org/
Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/healthyflax/

About HealthyFlax.org: HealthyFlax.org is the source of information on the health benefits and uses of whole flaxseed, ground flaxseed and flaxseed oil. The website includes recipes, nutritional evidence, facts and news about flaxseed in all its forms. HealthyFlax.org is supported by Canada's flax growers, processors, food manufacturers and governments.


Wayne Thompson
Executive Director, Saskatchewan Flax Development Commission
Email: wayne@saskflax.com
Tel: (306) 664-1901

Don Kerr
President, Flax Council of Canada 
Email: kerrd@flaxcouncil.ca
Tel: (204) 982-2115

Kelley Fitzpatrick
Project Manager, HealthyFlax.org
Email: kelleyf@shaw.ca
Tel: (204) 487-2318

Saskatchewan Flax Development Commission announces election results

The Saskatchewan Flax Development Commission is pleased to announce the directors elected in the election that took place in the fall of 2014. Dave Sefton from Broadview, Nancy Johns from Zelma, and Jordon Hillier from Southey have been elected to the SaskFlax Board. They join Erwin Hanley from Regina, Shane Stokke from Watrous and Greg Sundquist from Watrous. SaskFlax thanks Ken Kessler from Pangman for running in the election.

Erwin Hanley, Chair of SaskFlax, says "SaskFlax is very happy to have Dave and Nancy returning to the Board and Jordon joining SaskFlax. The coming year will be a busy year for the Board to keep the positive momentum of flax going." Dave and Jordon will sit on the board for a three year term and Nancy fills the remaining year of a vacant three year term. Dave, Nancy, and Jordon will each begin their term as of the January 12 annual general meeting.  

There were approximately 7% of eligible voters that returned ballots for the election. SaskFlax thanks all the flax growers that voted. SaskFlax represents approximately 6,000 flax growers in Saskatchewan with the mission: "To lead, promote, and enhance the production, value-added processing and utilization of Saskatchewan flax."

Media Contact:
Wayne Thompson
Executive Director
Saskatchewan Flax Development Commission
tel. 306-664-1901
email: wayne@saskflax.com  

Flax Council of Canada Stewardship Program Update

For Immediate Release
WINNIPEG, MANITOBA (NOVEMBER 21, 2014) – The Flax industry has made considerable progress in the efforts to clear CDC Triffid, a genetically modified flax, from the grain supply once and for all.

Reconstituted seed of several key products was launched in 2014 as one of the final stages in this process. For the benefit of the overall flax industry for the future, any flax producers that did not purchase certified seed or reconstituted seed in 2014 are encouraged to do so for 2015.

As long as farm saved seed from previous generations of stock seed are used the potential for Triffid to show up in grain shipments is possible. “We appreciate the cooperation of producers to date and request that farmers continue to sell all of their old seed stocks which is an important step to eliminate the risk of Triffid” said Don Kerr, President, Flax Council of Canada.

While flax harvest is still in progress in some areas, reconstituted seed supplies are expected to be good for 2015. “We are hearing good things from SeCan seed growers so far this year” says Todd Hyra, Business Manager, Western Canada.

Producers are encouraged to complete testing of harvested flax seed and planting seed for the presence of Triffid. A description of sampling procedures can be found on the Flax Council’s website. Please note that some flax buyers will only accept test results from certain labs. Check with the Flax Council for the complete list of approved testing labs: www.flaxcouncil.ca -30-

Don Kerr, President
Flax Council of Canada
Ph: 204-982-2115
E-mail: flax@flaxcouncil.ca Website: www.flaxcouncil.ca

Eric Fridfinnson, Chair
Manitoba Flax Growers Association
Ph: 204-982-3990
E-mail: mfga@mymts.net Website: www.mfga.ca

Wayne Thompson, Executive Director
Saskatchewan Flax Development Commission
Ph: 306-664-1901
E-mail: wayne@saskflax.com Website: www.saskflax.com

2014/15 SaskFlax Director Election

For Immediate Release 

For the 2014/15 Saskatchewan Flax Development Commission election the Commission  has received four nominations for directors and will be holding an election to fill the three vacant director positions. The election will take place by paper ballot. The election packages will be in the mail the week of November 17th and must be returned to the Returning Officer by December 12 at 12pm.

Returning Officer
c/o Agriculture Council of Saskatchewan
104 – 411 Downey Road
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
S7N 4L8
Fax: 306-975-6850
The four nominees are Jordon Hillier from Southey, Nancy Johns from Zelma, Ken Kessler from Pangman and Dave Sefton from Broadview. The biographies for the candidates are available here.
A registered flax producer is someone who has paid the flax levy to the Saskatchewan Flax Development Commission in the last two crop years (between August 1, 2012 and July 31, 2014). If a producer has a received a refund they are not eligible to vote.
The election results will be announced mid-December and at the Saskatchewan Flax Development Commission Annual General Meeting on January 12, 2015. The Annual General Meeting is part of CropSphere and Crop Production Week.

Registration for CropSphere Conference now Open

For Immediate Release

Saskatoon, SK – CropSphere, an industry - leading a gricultural conference, is returning  for a second year from  January 12th - 14th , 2015, at TCU Place in Saskatoon.  Registration for the event opens  on October  1 st , giving attendees the opportunity to register for the early bird rate of $150 (available until January  5 th , 2015). Also, if you are a grower registering more than one pers on from your farming operation, a  discounted registration fee of $125 is available for  additional family members, farm partners, and farm  employees .  

This year’s event boasts presentations on  a  wide array of topics related to agriculture, including a look  at the future of Canada as told by Globe and Mail  journalist, John Ibbitson,  as well as an engaging  discussion on challenges related to generational differences within farming operations from Curt Steinhorst, a member of the Center for Generational Kinetics .

“We are thrilled about the line - up of engaging and informative speakers we are able to provide for  growers as part  of our second  annual CropSphere conference,” says Wayne Thompson, Executive  Director for SaskFlax. “Our hope is that those who attend will leave this event feeling  that they have  learned something new , and are better able to make decisions for their farming  business. ”

CropSphere 2015  is a joint conference hosted by  SaskCanola,  SaskFlax ,  the  Saskatchewan Oat  Development Commission , Saskatchewan Pulse Growers , SaskWheat, and SaskBarley .  In addition to  the keynote topics, the event will also host presentations on topics such as  pest and weed  management, market outlooks, drone technology, and new crop opportunities for Saskatchewan.

For more information , or to register for CropSphere.  Follow CropSphere on social media:  Facebook (www.facebook.com/CropSphere)  and Twitter (@cropsphere). - 30 –

For more information, please contact: Andrea Lauder,  CropSphere Media Liaison c/o Saskatchewan Pulse Growers Phone: 306-668-0116 / Cell: 306-250-6858