May 12, 2016 Snack Healthy with HealthyFlax Nut Butters

Source: Linda Gilmour Kessler, RD   |  Category: Health & Nutrition

Snack Healthy with HealthyFlax Nut Butters

There are many benefits to eating healthy snacks.  Healthy snacks can provide your body with important nutrients and keep blood sugar levels stable.  Healthy snacking can also give your energy level a boost between meals which, in turn, prevents you from overeating at meal times.

Plan Ahead

  • Take a few minutes on Sunday or in the evenings to plan and prepare a few healthy snacks. 
  • This can help you avoid the vending machine or the stale doughnuts on the staff room table. 

Choose Healthy Snacks

  • Aim to include two of the four food groups from Eating Well with Canada’s Food Guide for each snack. 
  • Include a small amount of protein or fat in each snack to help you feel satisfied longer. Snack friendly ideas for proteins include milk, yogurt, cheese, nut butters, or lean meats and poultry. 
  •  Add a whole grain, fruit or vegetables to boost your fibre. Fibre is also filling so it will satisfy your hunger. 

HealthyFlax Snack Ideas

Try some of our HealthyFlax nut butters for a satisfying snack. Flax nut butters contain protein, fibre and omega 3 fats. Choose from our delicious recipes:  Roasted Flax Peanut Butter, Cinnamon Twist Flax Butter or Coconut Cashew Flax Butter . Or if you are craving chocolate, treat yourself with our Bittersweet Flax butter or Chocolate Peanut Flax Butter .  

How to Eat HealthyFlax Nut Butters:

  • Spread nut butter on whole wheat toast or crackers
  • Dip veggies like carrots or celery in nut butter
  • Spread nut butter on fruit like apples or pears 
  • Make a smoothie with yogurt, fruit and nut butter
  • Mix some nut butter and fruit into yogurt