Fresh Flax Pasta Noodles

 Source: Fresh Flax Pasta Noodles, Emily Richards

Source: Fresh Flax Pasta Noodles, Emily Richards

Ground flaxseed replaces eggs and adds fibre too in this tasty homemade pasta recipe.


  • 1/4 cup (60 mL) ground flax
  • 3/4 cup (175 mL) warm water
  • 1/2 tsp (2 mL) salt
  • 2 tsp (10 mL) canola or flax oil
  • 1 3/4 cups (425 mL) all-purpose flour (approx)


  1. In a small bowl, stir together ground flax, water, salt and oil. Let stand for 10 minutes to thicken.
  2. Meanwhile, measure flour onto work surface or in large bowl and create a mound with a small indent in the centre. Pour flax mixture into flour and using a fork start stirring the flour into the flax mixture. Knead dough incorporating more flour if necessary, 1 Tbsp (15 mL) at a time until dough is soft but not sticky. Cover with plastic wrap and let rest for 20 minutes. Cut dough into 4 pieces. Knead each piece gently with flour if slightly sticky.
  3. Using pasta press, roll one piece at a time through first setting twice. Continue through settings until smooth, thin pasta piece is formed. Lay flat on floured surface; let dry for about 15 minutes. Continue with remaining dough.
  4. For noodles place pasta sheet through fettuccine cutter and toss gently with more flour; set aside. 
  5. In a large pot of boiling salted water, cook noodles for about 3 minutes or until tender but still firm. Drain well and toss with your favorite sauce.

*Tip: Pasta can be kept at room temperature for up to an hour, stored in refrigerator for up to 2 days or frozen for up to 2 months.


Nutritional Analysis


YIELD: 1 lb (500 g).

SERVING SIZE: 1/4 batch of noodles. Each serving contains 1 Tbsp (15 mL) of flax.

Per Serving
Calories 230
Total Fat 5 g
Saturated Fat 0 g
Cholesterol 0 mg
Carbohydrates 41 g
Fiber 3 g
Sugars 2 g
Protein 7 g
Sodium 290 mg
Potassium mg